Story 069a

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1. Planes, trains, and ships transport freight, or ___, all over the world.
2. Environmentalists, or 'tree huggers,' sometimes drive big nails into trees in order to ___ the loggers' equipment.
4. When World War II ended, all the prisoners were freed, or ___d.
5. If you cause an accident and ___ your car, your insurance rates will rise.
7. If you love me, marry me. ___, let's break up so I can find someone new.
8. In parts of Indonesia, swimmers must be ready to ___ the beaches in case a big wave comes ashore.
10. Trains, ships, planes, and big trucks haul ___ all over the world.
13. A ___ of war is someone who is killed or injured in that war.
14. Drinking too much plain water (without salt) while exercising may cause a ___ imbalance.
16. They say that some people are born, or ___, to be great.
18. Keep me out of it. I don't want to get ___d in any problems you are having with your spouse.
20. ___ is wood that has been cut and prepared for building purposes.
21. Made from soybean milk, ___ is a popular food that is found in many Asian dishes.
25. Henry Ford helped make the ___ popular in the US.
26. Companies often use brochures and ___s to advertise their goods or services.
27. If a train ___s, cranes are necessary to lift it back onto the track.


1. Cows, bulls, and calves are ___. In the 1800s, ___ drives were common.
2. When you turn on the kitchen light late at night, the cockroaches will ___.
3. A ___ is an instance of bad luck or misfortune. Spraining your ankle is a ___.
5. Women like to put pretty watches and bracelets on their ___s.
6. Horses race around in a big oval at race___s. So do dogs.
9. Since the US invasion, the citizens of Iraq have heard loud ___s almost every day.
11. Even though we are ___s, our emotions sometimes cause us to act like animals.
12. A person who doesn't wear a seat belt might become a ___ in a bad traffic accident.
15. --Hi, how are you? --Oh, I'm ___. How about yourself? --Oh, I'm ___, too.
17. Hundreds of thousands of cows, pigs, and chickens get ___ed, every day. Then they get cooked and eaten.
19. The ___ is in command of a train, just as the captain is in command of a ship.
22. If you have a gas leak in your home, you won't see any ___s, but you will smell the 'rotten egg' odor.
23. A train traveling at 60 ___s per hour might require at least a ___ to stop.
24. If a man has 'a good ___ on his shoulders,' he is logical and intelligent.