Story 070a

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 5   6    7               
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 16       17            18    
        19      20        
21             22         


2. 'The ___ is gone' is a popular expression used when two lovers break up. Michael Jackson's famous album was '___er.'
8. When you report a stolen item to the ___, don't expect them to find it quickly or at all.
10. People cannot appreciate your ___ unless they have lost the same thing themselves.
12. If you suddenly fall ill, you will have to ___ your vacation until you recover.
13. In ___ of fire, pull the fire alarm or dial 911.
14. Starbucks is famous for its many ___houses throughout the world.
15. Here comes the bus. You might be able to catch it if you ___ over to the bus stop right now.
16. Don't ___ to pick up some lowfat milk when you go to the market.
20. You can tell if someone is a ___ by the smell on their clothes and their breath.
21. The federal government says ___ is a gateway drug that will lead to a lifetime of cocaine and heroin abuse.
23. If you need a ride in Manhattan, you can take the subway or you can hail a ___.
24. A taxicab ___ is always looking for passengers.
25. Acoustic ___, bass ___, steel ___, electric ___. All of them are music to our ears.
26. At high school anniversary celebrations, students ___ after being apart for five years or more.
27. If you drink too much, it might take you 24 hours to ___ from your hangover.


1. Beethoven, Brahms, and Chopin composed ___ music.
3. When prisons get overcrowded, the prisoners who committed minor crimes often receive an early ___ from prison.
4. Charles Manson is a convicted ___ who killed a pregnant actress in southern California many years ago.
5. If you go to a live ___, you and many other fans will hear beautiful music.
6. It is simply amazing how fast money ___s.
7. People get ___ed when they see how fast their money disappears.
9. If you're going to move out of your apartment, you have to ___ your landlord 30 days ahead.
11. Frequently, people finally achieve ___ only after many failures.
17. With all its money, technology, and resources, the US still has not been able to ___ Osama bin Laden down. He is laughing at the US.
18. ___ is gone forever and tomorrow isn't here yet, so we should focus on today.
19. If you are constantly ___ for work, you might get suspended or fired.
21. ___s, supervisors, and bosses come in all sizes and personalities.
22. --You can't be serious. You've got to be ___ me. --This is no joke. I'm not ___ you.