Story 071a

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 5        6      7         
8             9         
10        11              
  12     13      14           
    15           16      17   
 20     21                
 22              23       


1. A ___ bullet went through JFK and then into Governor Connally. It was a magic bullet, they say.
2. A helmet will protect your ___ from getting cracked open like an egg when you fall off your bike.
5. Kids who ___ trees should wear helmets in case they fall out of the tree.
9. The ___, or medical examiner, inspects dead bodies to determine the cause of death.
10. If at first you fail, then try and try ___. Don't give up. And don't make me tell you this ___.
11. I will be expecting you, so don't even ___ to knock. Just come on in.
12. The pretty girl ___ed the man's request to have lobster dinner with him.
14. Most people don't ___ how good their life is until they lose their health.
15. If you break the law, the police will ___ you if they catch you. So run fast.
21. A ___ is a pistol with a cylinder that usually holds six bullets.
22. If you were born 90 years ___, then you are 90 this year. Good for you!
23. You might escape taxes, but you'll never escape ___.
24. Union members will go on ___ if their demands for better pay and benefits are ignored.
25. A ___ will investigate a homicide to determine who the murderer is.
26. The coroner usually does an ___ on a dead person to determine the cause of death.
27. If you haven't tried it, don't ___ it. (A popular expression.)


1. A murderer might try to make a homicide look like a ___ so police won't suspect foul play.
3. Lawyers and politicians are famous for one thing--___.
4. ___ is not simply killing someone--you must also INTEND to kill that person.
6. If your kitchen is being invaded by houseflies, perhaps you ought to shut the ___ door.
7. A good horror film will cause people to bolt upright in their seats and ___ out loud.
8. On Memorial Day, Americans pay tribute to their ___ comrades.
12. Many politicians are such liars and thieves that they ought to crawl back under the ___ where they came from.
13. I would have been here ___ if there hadn't been a 6-car accident on the freeway.
16. Mike and Laura first met when she ___ally backed into his car. She said it was his fault.
17. In bad parts of Los Angeles, it's not unusual to hear ___s. Sadly, more and more parts of Los Angeles are becoming bad parts.
18. The mayor and his wife are getting a divorce. ___ly, he is not the man he pretends to be.
19. In case you haven't ___, scientists are worried that the Earth is getting dangerously warmer.
20. It was a ___ day when JFK decided to ride in the limousine with the top down.
24. In the casino game of craps, ___ or eleven on the first roll is a winner for the shooter.