Story 073a

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1. ___ Watch is a group of neighbors who work together to report suspicious activity in their ___.
6. People who ___ from an honest lifetime of hard work to pursue the fast buck might end up in jail.
7. Sometimes the ___ doesn't fit the crime. In America, people who simply smoke marijuana often get years in prison.
8. Muhammad Ali let George Foreman throw ___ after ___ until George was ___ed out. Then Ali won the fight.
10. If you live by the gun, you die by the gun. You never know which ___ has your name on it.
12. A jury will ___ anyone they think is guilty, even someone who is a former ___.
13. Criminals who see the police coming will immediately ___ off running.
14. If you've got something on your mind, ___ it out. Don't hold it in.
15. Criminals sometimes enter ___ salons and run off with the ladies' purses.
16. 'Ouch! That ___s!' Something that ___s also hurts. But, don't say, 'My stomach ___s.' Say, 'My stomach hurts.'
19. A 'flesh ___' hurts. Also, it might get infected and kill you.
20. 'Oh, I simply ___d of embarrassment after I found out I had been talking with spinach stuck between my teeth!'
22. On the TV show 'The Beverly Hillbillies' (1962-1971), young Jethro was Uncle Jed's ___. Elly May was Jed's beautiful niece.
24. In Los Angeles, criminals often ___ old ladies by grabbing their purse, or simply demanding it, and then hopping into a friend's car.
25. If you don't wear your seat belt, you increase your chances of being ___ injured. Especially if a drunk driver hits your car.
26. The New York Public ___ is the largest public ___ in the US. Opened in 1911, it holds more than 10 million books.
27. Before the World War II veteran was buried, many people attended his ___ service.
28. It's not polite to ___ at someone who is trying to speak a new language, but sometimes native speakers do.
29. Even if you try to do something and fail, at least you made the ___ to do it.


2. ___ juveniles often end up in jail because their fathers were absent from home or their fathers were criminals.
3. Always ___ on the alert and ___ skeptical is a good way to avoid ___ ripped off.
4. You have to be careful, because criminals are always trying to ___ people off.
5. In 20 years, LA police will look back on today's 50,000 gang-bangers (___s) in Los Angeles as the 'good old days.'
9. Parents teach children to be ___, but kids learn how to lie soon enough. (Many times by listening to their parents.)
11. If you watch the ___ TV news at 6 pm, you will see which crimes happen in your neighborhood each day.
12. So many ___s are overcrowding Los Angeles jails that if you commit a misdemeanor you'll be in and out of jail in only a day or two.
16. The man with the knife tried to ___ the clerk behind the counter. The video camera caught it all.
17. When people become ___ enough, they will do something about the crime wave.
18. If you go to ___ school, you will learn how to deal with ___ emergencies.
21. I don't ___ to sit idly by while gangsters take over my neighborhood.
23. The criminal stole my ___ and all my credit cards. Then he ruined my credit.