Story 074a

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4. If you smoke and drive, put your ashes in the ___. Don't toss them out where they can start fires.
6. When Mike asked Laura to marry him, she replied, "First, you have to prove that you love me."
8. A ___ is a squarish, 4-wheeled vehicle with lots of room inside for equipment or passengers. ___s preceded mini___s and SUVs.
9. In 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,' the always ___ning cheshire cat slowly disappeared, but its ___ remained.
10. In Manhattan and many other big cities worldwide, a common way to get around is to hail a ___ (taxi).
12. Alfred Nobel was the Swedish chemist who invented ___ in 1866. The wealthy inventor held more than 350 patents.
14. Bob wrote a novel on his computer, but the hard drive got corrupted. Because Bob couldn't recover even one sentence of his novel, he was back to ___ one.
15. If you don't have your checkbook or enough cash, you can always make purchases with ___.
20. Trucks, planes, and ships ___ goods all over the world. Occasionally, however, the trucks and planes crash, and the ships sink.
24. ___ is all around us. It is visible and has mass. It contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. And then, of course, there's anti___.
25. Scientists are not 100 percent sure why all the dinosaurs ___ed from our planet. They think it was because of a huge meteorite.
26. Jerry Garcia was the singer and songwriter of the famous rock group, The ___ Dead. His fans were very appreciative.
28. ___ up? ___ happening? ___ going on? ___ new? All of these are popular greetings.
29. ___ time is when farmers collect the fruit, vegetables, or grains that are ripe or ready to be picked.


1. ___, grass, pot, dope, chronic, and tea are popular names for marijuana.
2. Stop complaining. Stop moaning and groaning about how bad things are. Instead, try to make things better.
3. The farmer ___ the corn and hoped that the corn would get enough rain before harvest time.
5. Police officers usually carry at least one pair of steel ___ to lock criminals' hands behind their backs.
6. ___ music started in the 1950s in the US. Elvis Presley was one of the pioneers. It's also called ___ and roll.
7. Before you go on vacation, you have to ___ your bags. When you get to your destination, you un___ them.
11. Dynamite has the power to ___ holes in mountains so that tunnels can be built through the mountains.
13. 'Don't bogard that ___' used to be a popular expression. It meant 'Don't be selfish with the marijuana cigarette--pass it around.'
16. 'You are the ___ of my life,' said Bob to his true love. Sara blushed with pleasure.
17. If you 'take a ___,' it's the same as taking a puff of a marijuana cigarette.
18. In the US in 2005, state and local police arrested 700,000 people for possession of ___. That was, on average, one arrest every minute.
19. ___s do spectacular business on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Weddings and funerals are also great for business.
21. Campers think they have put out a campfire. But sometimes, the fire is not dead. It ___ quietly until it eventually starts burning fiercely.
22. 'Don't ___ that you can't hear me,' the old lady scolded her husband. 'I'm not ___ing. I'm just not listening,' he replied.
23. Bob grinned ___ when Sara said that she would marry him. Then she said she wanted to have the biggest wedding in the world.
26. Try to ___ the waiter so that we can get some more bread at our table.
27. 'Hey, ___' is similar to 'Hey, bud,' 'Hey, pal,' and 'Hey, buddy.' A ___ ranch is where people go to ride horses and play cowboy.