Story 075a

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3. A lot of American and Iraqi ___ has been spilled because of all the oil that Iraq has.
5. The US Army Corps of Engineers ___ have prevented the levee from collapsing in New Orleans if they had received more financing.
8. Don't give someone CPR if they are breathing. If they aren't breathing, check to see if they have a ___.
10. Pasadena City College trains some of the best dental ___s in the entire country.
12. If you're going to take a long trip, you'd better ___ sure your car is in excellent mechanical condition.
13. If you cut yourself badly while slicing vegetables, you might need to see the doctor to get some ___es in your finger.
14. Many smokers are using the nicotine patch now in an attempt to ___ smoking.
15. ___ the waiter over here so we can get some butter to put on our bread.
16. People add bleach to the washing machine in order to help ___n their ___s.
18. If your doctor discovers an abnormality, you hope that tests will determine that it is ___, not malignant.
19. ___ stands for sport utility vehicle, which is a very popular vehicle in the US right now.
20. Tell your doctor to put fresh, clean ___s on his hands before he examines you.
23. Motorcycle riders keep surgeons busy because riders always need ___ after getting run over by trucks and cars.
25. If you're ___ for trouble, just drive into a bad part of town late at night and start flashing your money around.
26. 'Syzygy' is a word that is hard to spell and ___. But it's easy to understand the meaning.
27. In many parts of the world, people love to eat the brain, ___, and feet of various animals. But most Americans say 'Yuck!' to eating those parts.


1. If you want your ___ to last, you have to brush, floss, and see your dentist regularly.
2. For some people, just the ___ of going to the dentist is enough to make them uncomfortable.
3. For a ___, the doctor will take some living tissue from your body and send it to a lab for analysis.
4. When people hear the brand name Campbell's, they automatically think of ___.
6. Both USC and UCLA have excellent schools of ___ry. Graduates of both schools have good feelings about fillings.
7. Some people with a ___ problem won't see a dentist because they also have a mental problem.
9. If you're ___d of dentists and drills, don't go see 'Marathon Man,' an old movie starring Dustin Hoffman.
11. To ___ pain, some people take aspirin or ibuprofen. Other people try to 'will' the pain away.
15. To see ___, the Bible says, a hypocrite must first remove the speck from his own eye.
17. If you have a cancerous growth that is ___, you will need surgery and then constant supervision to make sure that cancer doesn't return.
19. When drivers on the freeway ___ a car pulled over by the CHP, they slow down to gawk, as if such an event doesn't happen 1,000 times a week.
21. Many people who have a ___--like smoking, drinking, or gambling--say it's okay, because a ___ helps you enjoy life.
22. If you 'give somebody the ___,' it means you are really angry at them. It is NOT a polite thing to do, but people do it frequently.
23. ___s stink up a room with their cigarettes and cigars. Pipe ___s don't smell so bad, though.
24. If you quit smoking, you will never ___ it. You will save lots of money and maybe even save your life.