Story 078a

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   4       5      6        7   
9        10               
  11                12     
14     15      16     17           
 18          19            
      20              21   
  22            23    24       
25       26     27          28     
  29             30        
31            32           


1. A child who sees a horror show might have a ___ later that night.
4. Poor Pluto! The academy of astronomers decided that it wasn't a ___ anymore.
8. If you are a self-___ man, you went from rags to riches all by yourself.
9. There are 50 ___s in the US, and 31 ___s in Mexico.
10. There are seven continents and 194 countries in the ___.
11. ___ion of buildings and highways is changing China from a rural nation to a nation of crowded cities.
13. Most drivers think that they are intelligent drivers, but they think that other drivers are ___s.
14. ___ated water is listed as the first ingredient in soda. ___ dioxide is a gas that gives you the sparkling bubbles in your favorite soda.
16. If you ___ your privacy, you will pay extra so that your name won't be listed in the phone book.
18. A ___-made person is a person who did it all by him___ (or by her___).
19. The ___ Four was originally a group of comic book heroes. Many people who saw the movie about them thought that the movie was ___.
22. The ___ state in the continental US is Texas, but the ___ state in the entire US is Alaska.
23. ___ is golden, but not when you're getting the silent treatment from your spouse.
26. Leaf ___s are a valuable, although noisy, tool used by landscapers and street cleaners.
30. Killer bees ___d the US years ago, but so far they have only killed a few people in the US.
31. Your bank will send you a ___ every month detailing the deposits to and withdrawals from your checking account.
32. It took Mike 'only' two years to realize that Laura was the ___ woman for him.


2. You can use a riding lawn ___ to cut your grass, or you can use a push ___ (but that's a lot more work).
3. ___ lawn mowers make a lot more noise than electric lawn mowers.
5. You should try to have a good attitude ___out your whole life. (You'll live longer!)
6. Many people enjoy reading ___ types of books, although my mother reads nothing but mystery novels.
7. President George Washington had a truly ___ presence. His peers even suggested that he become king.
9. Some people spend most of their lives ___ing for the perfect spouse. Sometimes they find him/her, but they don't realize it.
12. A ___aire doesn't worry about the price of gasoline for his Rolls Royce.
15. A ___aire doesn't worry about the price of jet fuel for his Gulfstream private jet.
17. A ___ helps people buy and sell residential and commercial property. He/She belongs to the National Association of ___s.
20. A ___ can transport several hundred passengers at a speed of about 500 mph (and still be late!).
21. People use their ___s to do errands and chores, to go shopping, or just to relax before the week starts all over again.
24. If you have a beautiful green ___, it probably took a lot of fertilizer to get it looking that way.
25. If you live near a large airport, the ___ from jetliners landing and taking off might make you want to move.
27. If you want to know what your expensive old watch is ___, ask a dealer to appraise it or put it on eBay.
28. There isn't any difference between the Democratic ___ and the Republican ___. They are equally corrupt.
29. ___ blowers are noisy machines that blow leaves from one side of the street to the other side.