Story 079a

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1. The ___end allows you to forget about your job so you can relax and have a nice time.
6. If your ___ bag is too big, you can't carry it on the plane. It has to go with the cargo underneath the passengers.
7. Student A: Could I borrow your eraser for a second, please? Student B: ___ course!
9. Soccer fans get very ___d when their favorite team is in the final championship game.
11. You will have nothing in your bank account if you withdraw more money than you ___.
12. May and June are a time for ___ ceremonies at high schools and colleges all across the nation.
13. The woman was beside ___ worrying about where her husband was.
15. If you want to be organized, you have to make a ___ and stick to it.
18. Whenever you buy something, ask if you can return it and get a full ___.
22. Most companies that sell a product or a service ___ in the newspaper, online, or on TV or radio.
25. Has anyone ever given you a ___ party? Were you ___d? Or did you just pretend to be ___d?
27. If you don't pay your rent, your landlord will give you an eviction ___.
28. Many people write notes on their calendar to ___ themselves of future appointments.
30. When you go to any big airport, you will see two signs: Arrivals and ___ures.
32. 'The ___ Is Right' is a popular TV game show. Contestants try to guess the ___s of various items.
33. Many ___s nationwide are losing money because readers prefer to get their daily news online.


1. Believe it or not, a man built a boat out of ice cream sticks and is going to sail it around the ___.
2. When they get married, a man and a woman ___ to love, honor, and cherish each other forever.
3. Many ___es made 100 years ago still tell the correct time.
4. A ___ is an extra fee that you must pay for an item or a service. Many times the ___ is an unpleasant surprise!
5. A fashion designer will tell you not to wear stripes with dots, because they ___ with each other.
8. Alfred E. Neuman is the world-famous mascot for MAD Magazine. His favorite saying is 'What, Me ___?'
10. You have ___ $126.78 in your checking account.
13. When you've been traveling on the road all day, you look forward to spending the night in a motel or ___.
14. ___ Vegas is the entertainment and gambling capital of the western United States.
16. Some people who are ___d about their identity eventually get a sex change.
17. After the wedding ___, there was a wonderful reception with great food and music.
19. 'No ___ of mine is going to date a long-haired, pot-smoking hippy,' said the angry father.
20. Sometimes people are so angry about a ___ that they take it out on the messenger.
21. She ___ed with relief when she got the good news that her daughter was safe.
23. After a meal, put some ___paste on your ___brush and brush all 32 of your teeth. And don't forget to floss!
24. If you would ___ take the groceries out to my car, I would greatly appreciate it.
26. I would have bought some Crest toothpaste, but none was ___able at the drugstore.
29. ___ though it was raining very hard, she had to take the dog outside for a walk.
31. Even if you win the state lottery, you have to pay federal ___es on your winnings.