Story 081a

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3. Speaking English will ___ you to get better-paying jobs in the US.
5. A good job pays you a good salary plus ___s like health insurance, sick leave, and annual vacations.
6. If you get ___, your health insurance will cover most of your medical bills.
8. Even with health insurance, you have to pay a 10-20 percent ___ible before your health insurance pays the remainder.
12. If you are an ___, you don't believe the lies that Democrats and Republicans try to tell you.
13. If cigarettes are so ___ous, why does the federal government allow their production and sale in this country?
15. Newspapers are full of __s. __vertisers are always trying to sell their products and services.
19. I can't pick up that radio station because it has a very ___ signal. Other stations have stronger signals.
20. A developer hires a ___ who, in turn, hires sub___s to do most of the work.
22. The capital of the state of ___ is Austin. Houston, Dallas, and El Paso are three big cities in ___.
25. If you are in ___, you owe money to someone.
26. The soccer player is so good that 15 professional teams are trying to ___ him up to a contract.
29. Many companies give their employees a cash ___ at Christmas time. (But sometimes the ___ is just a frozen turkey!)
30. Richmond is the capital of the state of ___. Its oldest city was Jamestown, and its biggest city is ___ Beach.
31. A babysitter ___s care of little children.
32. The US was attacked by people from Saudi Arabia. Osama was hiding somewhere in Afghanistan. Yet Bush decided to attack ___!
33. The smallest scratch can sometimes lead to a fatal ___ion.
34. If you ___ a helping hand to someone, you will have good karma. (Well, that's how it's supposed to work!)


1. Although no one died in the train wreck, 14 people were ___.
2. The criminal shot and ___ the clerk when he saw the clerk push the silent alarm button.
4. If you think there is ___ at the end of the tunnel, you have hope. (Or you're just a dreamer!)
7. In a job interview, you should show the interviewer that you are a friendly and ___ person.
9. TV commercials tell you how to get rid of those ___ pounds of fat in just a few weeks. (Without even exercising!)
10. They say that the best revenge is to ___ well. Most people prefer ___ concerts instead of televised concerts.
11. ___-off people are people with no money problems.
14. A security ___ gets paid very little for a boring but often dangerous job.
16. If you ___ through Algebra 1, you should be able to get through Algebra 2.
17. The Los Angeles Times is the major ___paper in Los Angeles County. It is steadily losing readers.
18. Your car battery has a negative terminal and a ___ terminal. If you're not ___ which terminal is which, look for the plus sign.
21. If you are cut ___ by another driver, you might get angry. But be careful--some drivers carry guns!
23. When the train goes through the ___, keep your head and arms inside the window.
24. Homeland ___ is very important in the US since September 11, 2001. (So, why are 4,000 miles of borders still wide open?)
26. Doctors tell the lucky people who ___ a stroke or a heart attack to change their eating and exercise habits. (And to stop smoking!)
27. My favorite teacher used to ___ us homework almost every night. She made us learn, whether we wanted to or not.
28. If you have a ___ making ends meet, you might have to find a better job.
29. A US senator is supposed to be a leader, but recently a senator was accused of wearing ___ diapers with prostitutes.