Story 082a

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2. The ball used in American ___ball is not shaped like the round ball that is used in soccer.
3. English pronunciation ___s many beginners. For example, sew, stew, and spew have 3 different sounds.
7. All over the world, people use the same expression: It's not WHAT you ___; it's WHO you ___.
9. Historians will never discover what information was ___d on the 18 minutes of audiotape in President Nixon's office.
12. ___ is the most popular sport in the world, although it is called 'football' everywhere except the US.
13. 'Let your conscience be your ___.' In other words, if you don't know whether something is right or wrong, follow your conscience.
15. If you're going to write the Great American Novel, you'd better ___ started while you're young.
16. Bjorn Borg is a famous tennis player who rarely showed any joy, anger, or other ___s while playing tournaments.
17. --Is it ___ with you if I borrow your dictionary for a moment? --Sure. Here you go.
21. At Disneyland you will hear (over and over) 'It's a ___ World,' one of the most popular songs in the world.
22. An ___ modifies a noun, but an adverb modifies a verb.
25. A newspaper prints the most important news at the top of the ___, and less important news at the bottom of the ___.
26. If you have arthritis in your hands, it is difficult for you to ___ things tightly.
28. Big city newspapers are published ___, while small city newspapers are published weekly.
29. ___dom causes young men to commit crimes and married couples to divorce.
30. What happened on 9/11 might be the most important ___ of the 21st century.
32. An apple is an ___ of a fruit. A carrot is an ___ of a vegetable. A tomato is an ___ of what?
33. A secretary takes the ___s of a meeting, from the first ___ to the last.
34. You shouldn't make ___s about how someone looks, dresses, or talks; it's mean. (So why do so many people do it?)
35. People get a ___ from riding a roller coaster or going to a scary movie.


1. ESL classes often use two books: the student book and the ___book.
4. If you are a 'two-___d' person, you are friendly to someone's ___, but then you say mean things about that person when he isn't around.
5. ___body wants peace and ___body wants justice. So why is there so little peace and justice?
6. Critics say that 'Citizen Kane' is the greatest ___ ever made, but many ___ fans think 'Titanic' is much better.
8. Many adults with dead-end jobs wish that they hadn't dropped out of ___ before graduating.
10. Hitting your classmates is not the ___ of behavior that is tolerated at any school.
11. If you try to explain a complex subject, you might see a ___ look on the listener's face.
12. Some schools use a ___ system, some use a trimester system, and some use a quarter system.
14. The fastest ___ coasters in the world travel (briefly) at more than 100 mph.
15. 'A singular subject requires a singular verb' is an example of a ___ rule.
18. Some schools present students who have perfect ___ance a certificate for coming to school every day.
19. At work, you have coworkers; at school, you have ___mates.
20. "Gone' is an example of a past ___; 'going' is an example of a present ___.
23. Students appreciate a ___ who treats them with respect and kindness.
24. If global warming comes to our planet, we will have only one season all year long--___.
27. Every school day, teachers mark their students as absent, ___, or late.
31. When your gas tank gets down to only a quarter full, you should stop at a gas station and ___ up your tank.