Story 084a

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 36        37       38         


3. If you live in the US, China is ___way around the world. And vice versa.
5. When people think of the state of ___, they think of Disney World, Miami, hurricanes, and alligators.
8. If you could ___ the winner of a horse race (like the Kentucky Derby), you could make a lot of money.
10. The sun rises on the ___ and sets on the ___. So does the moon, usually.
13. People who see sea___s at the seashore often pick them up and take them home.
14. At the beach, people walk, run, fall, jump, or ___ into the waves.
16. People who live in Florida are used to hearing the ___ of thunder in the distance.
19. Some people like chicken breasts, some like wings, and some like ___s. (Many people like chicken feet!)
20. Summer is the ___son when people go to the ___shore, collect ___shells, and go deep-___ fishing.
21. A popular saying: ___ is what happens when you have other plans. That is, ___ is unpredictable.
23. The food industry decided to ___ 'prunes' because too many people think prunes are for old people. (The new name is 'dried plums.')
26. Most people come home from the beach with ___ towels, ___ clothes, and ___ shoes.
29. Some stores sell 'ir___s,' which are clothes that have slight imperfections and sell at a discount price.
30. Poor neighborhoods often have more ___ stores than all other stores combined.
32. Most people, and almost all children, hate the smell of cigar and ___ smoke.
35. Florida is the ___ and lightning capital of the US.
36. When the wind blows hard, you'll see and hear the flags ___ping.
37. A ___ is a very common gray and white seabird that you see at the beach.
38. If you have a ___ life, it's up to you to make it interesting.


1. About 78 percent of our planet Earth is ___. So is about 78 percent of newborn babies!
2. 'A wonderful bird is a peli___; his bill will hold more than his beli___.' --D.L. Merrith, 1910
4. In the summertime out West, a smoker who ___ his cigarette out the car window might start a huge fire.
6. An ___cast sky is totally gray. It looks like there is just one huge, gray cloud overhead.
7. People who live near the ___ can go swimming, boating, fishing, and surfing anytime they want.
9. When I was young, I ___ I knew everything. Now that I'm older, I realize I knew nothing.
11. People like to take an air mattress to the beach and ___ on the water.
12. A person's drive and ability to succeed often come from ___in him.
13. In a powerful hurricane, the only things that remain ___ary are roads and swimming pools.
15. Most airline passengers prefer ___ the aisle seat or the window seat. No one likes the middle seat.
17. California has many two-___ mountain roads that motorcyclists enjoy racing on.
18. Some ___fish are so small and transparent that you can hardly see them. But they will sting you!
22. ___ is a popular alcoholic drink. The most popular brand in the US is Budweiser.
24. ___ everyone suffers vision and memory loss as they get older.
25. Anyone with common sense won't get too close to the ___ of a cliff.
26. Fishermen know where the fish are when they see a ___ in the water.
27. A ___ thunderstorm will scare many pets and many people, too.
28. No matter where you are from, you love to see people waving the ___ of your country.
31. If you take a ___ off a cigarette, you inhale the tar, nicotine, and smoke. (And carcinogens!)
33. A ___tide is dangerous because it is a current that can easily drag you out to sea.
34. A small dog might ___ at your pants leg with its mouth.