Story 086a

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1. 'Instructor' and 'teacher' are synonyms--words with ___ meanings.
5. In Los Angeles, it's okay for mothers to ___ their newborn babies at local fire stations. (Yes, that's true!)
7. Porta-potties are ___ at construction sites, county fairs, and even on large lakes.
8. If you need to ___ money, the bank will be happy to lend you some (if you have collateral).
10. No matter what bolt you need to loosen, you will always have the wrong-___ wrench.
11. An auto salvage ___ contains thousands of automobile parts at discount prices.
13. It's easier to work under your car if you park the front end on two sturdy ___s.
14. If your ___ breaks down constantly, you might decide to sell it to a salvage yard.
15. Just because you slam on the ___s doesn't mean you're going to stop in time.
16. Nationwide, trucks and trains ___port most of the items that consumers buy.
18. If you cannot shift from first gear to second gear, you might have a trans___ problem.
19. Salvage yards often use a 'flattener' to ___ vehicle bodies into almost flat rectangles of metal.
21. Many commercial places (like Disneyland) will charge customers an ___ fee to enter their property.
22. In the summer, it's so hot ___ that people stay indoors as much as they can.
23. Other names for '___ yard' are wrecking yard and junkyard.
25. If it's not a gas or a solid, it's a ___. (Water can be all three.)
26. A couple of ___s of land in downtown Manhattan are many times the value of a couple of ___s in Montana.
29. People who don't wear a seat belt will fly right through the wind___ in a collision.
32. A ___box is the perfect place to store your tools.
33. Even when you get a ___, you should read it carefully. Many 'lifetime' ___s are for 90 days, if that.
34. Most people do not ___ their containers for bottled water. Billions of these plastic bottles are filling up landfills.


1. Your first house might be only a ___, but to you it's a magnificent castle.
2. If you shop wisely, you will find a wide ___ of prices for any particular item. Then you simply pay the cheapest price.
3. A ___ combines air with gasoline before the mixture flows to your car engine's cylinders.
4. The ___s in your car are water, coolant, oil, and transmission ___.
6. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola produce the world's most popular ___s.
9. If your old car gets ___ed in a big ___, you might want to have it towed to the ___ing yard.
10. My father used to scare us kids when he took both hands off the ___ wheel. (He steered the car with his knees!)
11. If you want something done right, you should do it ___self.
12. You can buy new, used, or ___ parts for your car.
17. In 1986 the ___est car sold in the US (only $4,000) was the Yugo.
20. Discarded ___ has a sweet taste which results in many small animals drinking it and dying.
23. If you're going to work on your car on a hot day, you should work in the ___.
24. There's not much to ___ about when you get a big repair bill from your mechanic.
27. After working on your car, you need a ___ (like gasoline) to get the grease and oil off your hands.
28. Your vehicle has an air ___, a fuel ___, and a transmission ___.
29. Don't wax your car on a hot, ___ day. Wait till early evening when the sun isn't shining so brightly.
30. If it ___s like it's going to rain, make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape.
31. In the old days, ___shields weren't made of safety glass. When you flew through the ___shield, the glass sliced your face.
33. Read the small print on the guarantee. If you don't follow all the rules exactly, you won't ___ your money back.