Story 087a

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      16         17         
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 24               25      26    
        27     28   29          
31          32              
    33             34       


2. A person who gets power often becomes rude and ___ to the people around him (or her).
4. If you can't solve a problem by just talking to your neighbor, you might solve it by taking him to ___.
5. Some ___visors treat their staff like family; some treat their staff like dirt.
6. If you work in an '__ will' state, your job isn't guaranteed; you can be let go anytime.
7. When a US president dies, thousands of mourners turn out for the ___.
8. If you are ___ed, your wife will ask you why you have a long face. Then she will try to cheer you up.
10. A ___ is a short, imaginary figure that lives under bridges in the woods.
12. Police can track down criminals if they know the number on the ___ plate of the car.
14. Friends like to ___ around with each other. (Sometimes it turns ugly.)
15. A ___ is not an office building; it is an industrial building.
16. If a corporation discriminates against an employee because she is female, she can charge ___ and sue.
18. When you're bored, the ___s and hours go by s-o-o slowly.
19. If you don't mind your ___, you won't get invited to friends' parties and activities.
20. It's great to hear '___ hired!' It's terrible to hear '___ fired!'
21. Don't ___ fun of other people--what goes around comes around.
23. If someone offers you a ___ sandwich, tell them you're not hungry. (And then run!)
24. The quiet old lady ___ asked her boss if she could leave work early to visit her doctor. (Her mean boss said no!)
25. If a corporation discriminates against an employee because of his race, he can charge ___ and sue.
28. In your ___place, you are protected against racism, sexism, and ageism.
30. It is against the ___ for employers to discriminate against employees.
31. The man hung his head in ___ after he was caught stealing a purse from an old lady in a wheelchair.
32. Cigarette ___ is bad for you, whether it's first-hand or second-hand ___.
33. If you play golf, you ___ the ball up 18 times, on 18 ___s. And you might play in a ___ shirt.
34. Baseball players ___ on the field a lot because many of them chew tobacco.


1. The rescued hiker ate ___ after being lost for four days with nothing to eat except some plants.
3. Some people believe that there is a ___ for everything. Others believe that sometimes things just happen.
4. ___ is the third-largest state, but it has the largest population. It has frequent small earthquakes.
7. It's not polite to call someone '___.' Instead, use words like stout, plump, chubby, large, big-boned, or weight-challenged.
8. Doctors advise people of every age to exercise ___ (or at least every other day).
9. If a corporation discriminates against a worker because she is old, she can charge ___ and sue.
11. A dog ___es a juicy bone (just as a bun ___es a hot dog).
13. Evil will always win when good people remain ___ and do nothing.
17. If the ___ goes out in your neighborhood, you won't be able to watch TV or listen to the radio.
18. A plant ___ is the person in charge of everything and everyone else in the building.
19. A ___ person is someone who pulls a cat's tail or throws rocks at dogs.
20. It's OK to ___ at a ball game, but don't ___ at your wife or children. (Or your dog!)
22. A ___ is someone who cuts in line, who talks with food in his mouth, or who laughs when animals get hurt.
24. In some cultures, it's traditional for the man to be a tough, or ___, guy.
26. The ___est distance between two points is a straight line.
27. If you have a ___ boss, don't make fun of his height. (He might have a ___ temper, too!)
29. People often ___hear conversations that they weren't supposed to hear.
30. Bob told his family that he was not fired--he was __ go. His company laid off 25 employees the week before Christmas.