Story 088a

  1          2       3        
  5         6            
8       9                
            10   11        
 12     13                 
   14            15    16      
            19     20      
     21        22          
        24      25      26     
  27          28           
  29   30           31         


2. A baseball umpire ___ the rules of baseball. (He even throws players out of the game!)
5. The first freeway in California was the ___ freeway, which went from Los Angeles to nearby ___.
7. A ticket ___ hangs outside stadiums and theaters in order to sell tickets on the sly to fans who want good seats.
8. A ___way isn't ___, because taxpayer money is spent on maintaining and repairing it.
9. The Pasadena freeway ___s and turns its way from LA to nearby Pasadena.
10. If you do something ___, you will go to jail. (Unless the President pardons you!)
13. ___ly, baseball was a high-scoring game; sometimes almost 100 runs were scored in one game.
14. If you do something __ the sly, you do it sneakily, quietly, and privately. (You do it under the table!)
15. 'Take Me Out to the Ball ___' is a famous song (1908) about going to a baseball ___.
17. There are three ___s in ___ball and one home plate.
18. ___. Sweetie. Sugar. Darling. My dear. ___ pie. ___ bun. Sugar pie. (All are terms of endearment.)
20. 'I'm ___, You're ___' (1969) is the title of a famous self-help book. After you read it, you should feel __ about yourself.
21. When they arrest you, the cops put your ___s behind your back before putting ___cuffs on your wrists.
22. An ___cover cop is a cop who pretends to be a drug dealer or a bad cop or a ticket scalper or....
23. A ___ ball counts as a strike in baseball. A fair ball is one that lands between the ___ lines.
25. Baseball stadiums have multiple en___s so people can get to their seats quickly (and then go buy lots of junk food).
27. If you're a buyer, you want to get a ___ price. Sellers, however, want the biggest profit they can get.
29. The Pasadena freeway has a lot of ___ curves, especially at some dangerous 5-mph off-ramps.
31. Baseball players wear ___s, uniforms, and shoes with spikes.
32. You can't get into a baseball game unless you buy a ___.
33. Americans display ___ ribbons to show support for the troops in Iraq.
34. Criminals pretend to be cops. If you are pulled over by a 'cop,' make sure he's a ___ cop--not a phony.


1. When drivers see a yellow light, they ___ up to beat the red light.
3. Beautiful women, like Jennifer Lopez, have all the ___s in all the right places.
4. A good burglar alarm system for your house will pay for ___ if it prevents just one burglary.
6. Baseball fans were ___ed that Hank Aaron (755) could break Babe Ruth's (714) home run record.
11. It is common for people to run red ___s at intersections. (It didn't use to be!)
12. Fans are always asking celebrities for their ___graphs. Rare ___graphs are worth a lot of money.
13. In baseball, ___ nine defensive players--no more--are allowed to be on the field.
16. The ___ of LA had a secret girlfriend who was a news reporter on a local TV station.
17. 'Can I borrow your screwdriver if I promise to ___ it right back?' 'Sure. Here you go.'
18. ___ an hour is the same amount of time as a ___ hour.
19. 'Follow your ___s' is a popular expression; that is, do what your gut tells you to do.
21. Baseball is a game that can take as little as one ___, or as long as three and a half ___s.
24. Fans watch live baseball, football, and soccer games in huge ___s.
26. Most people wear ___ clothes for shopping and on the weekend.
28. If you get ___ed, you usually have to go to the police station. Getting ___ed is more serious than getting ticketed.
30. Babe Ruth was a baseball player most famous for hitting 714 ___ runs.