Story 089a

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          9      10      11    
 12     13                  
      15        16      17      
18   19            20           
    21     22           23    24    
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              28     29    30   
 31    32     33                
     35        36           
           38     39        


1. Many adults like to start their ___ with a hot cup of coffee.
3. Some office ___ings are in nice neighborhoods, but the parking rates are high.
6. The more ___s you have, the more jobs you can find.
7. In Los Angeles, thunder and lightning occur only ___ly (unlike earthquakes, which occur often).
10. An employee ___ is a booklet listing a worker's duties, responsibilities, and privileges.
12. Your job ___ details the duties and responsibilities of your particular job.
14. If you have valuable job skills, you can find work almost ___where you want.
15. A job ___view is probably the most important part of getting hired.
17. If your job doesn't pay the ___s, you'll have to find another job. (Or start living in your car!)
18. If you're typing something, you need a ___board. (Unless we all start 'typing' by voice!)
20. If you start your car and something doesn't ___ right, you'll probably have to see your mechanic soon.
21. If you can ___ constructive criticism, you will improve yourself and your skills. (Reject it at your own risk!)
24. You'll __ broke fast if you spend more money than you take in. (Unless you find a sugar daddy/mama!)
25. 'Take this job and ___ it, I ain't working here no more' is part of a famous song about a lousy job.
26. Find a ___ that you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. (Because a ___ that you love is not 'work'!)
27. There are many job agencies that place ___ workers. These 'temps' sometimes become permanent.
28. Don't ___ your boss with petty complaints about your coworkers. He will think that you're a whiner.
31. A ___ person will continue to have no manners until someone puts him in his place.
33. Do you like your ___ black, or with milk, or with milk and sugar? Hot, or iced? Here, or to go?
36. In the alphabet, the letter 'a' ___s the letter 'b.' The letter 'c' follows the letter 'b.'
37. Most ___s want a good salary, good benefits, a nice boss, and a short commute.
38. If an employee goes on vacation, the boss might hire a ___ from a 'temp' agency.
40. If you think the freeway is ___ed now, just wait 10 years, when the average speed will be about 15 mph.
41. A good ___ should be able to type 50 words per minute with fewer than two errors per minute.


1. Someone with a big ___ talks too loud and too often, and doesn't respect others' privacy.
2. Some people claim that ___ is art; it 'beautifies' buildings, walls, fences, buses, trucks, trains, elevators, street signs, mirrors, etc.
4. If you ___ back in your chair too far, the chair might tip over.
5. A smoker will take a drag off his cigarette, and then take a ___ of his coffee.
6. You need a ___ hand if you're firing a pistol at a target.
8. An employment ___ will help you find a job. The ___ will usually charge the employer, not you.
9. If want to get ahead, no one is going to help you. You'll have to do it all by ___self.
11. Even when there's no need for you to ___, people always like to hear an apology.
13. If you need to ___ me, here's my phone number, my fax number, and my email address.
16. If you paid good money for a ___ meal, you might want to complain to the chef.
19. People like to hear ___ment, especially when times are hard.
22. The un___ment rate is low nationwide, but most jobs are at the unskilled, minimum-wage level.
23. If you're a ___er, you pay your ___ monthly. However, some ___ers lease their apartments for 6 or 12 months at a time.
29. Getting ___d is the opposite of getting fired, let go, or laid off.
30. A ___ neighborhood has gangs, graffiti, old cars and trucks, and trash almost everywhere.
32. If you live in a ___ or you're down in the ___s, you're not a happy person.
34. By definition, you can have only one best ___, although you can have lots of ___s and acquaintances.
35. --What are you ___ to do this weekend? --I'm ___ to read the want ads so I can find a new job.
39. The supervisor ___ his cigarette with the lighter that his girlfriend had given him for his birthday.