Story 090a

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  33                34      
 35           36            


3. Some ___s write fiction, some write nonfiction, and some write both.
5. --I'll clean up my room when I get ___ to it. --You'll clean it up right now or no TV and no dinner!
8. JK Rowling wrote seven 'Harry Potter' novels, all of which were very ___.
9. It's good for children to have a ___ model, such as a fireman, a policeman, or an athlete. (Or even a teacher!)
10. At first she wanted pasta and eggplant, but then she ___d her mind and ordered rice and fish.
11. For some people, one ___time is enough. Other people want to live forever.
14. 'I've spend my whole life ___ing for you,' Mike told Laura.
15. Hurricane Katrina ___d throughout the Gulf Coast, destroying New Orleans and parts of Mississippi.
17. Bob remembered to pack everything for his fishing trip ___ the bug repellent. (He was eaten alive!)
18. --Excuse me. Do you know where CEC is? --___, I'm sorry. I've heard of it, but I don't know where it is.
19. Did the famous song producer kill the blonde lady on ___, or was it an accident? (Only the jury can decide!)
22. --Excuse me. How old are you and how much do you weigh? --'Excuse you' is right! Those are ___ questions!
24. If you read the paper ___, you will find out what's going on in the world. (Just don't believe everything you read!)
27. All his important papers were ___d up on the dining room table.
29. The famous actor couldn't get anyone to finance his movie about Christ, so he paid for it all by ___. (And made millions!)
31. If you have a problem with your wife, your friends and relatives may not want to get ___d.
32. With ___ damaged wing, the space shuttle Columbia burnt up on ___ reentry into Earth's atmosphere.
33. ___aries are people who travel to other countries to spread the word of God.
34. ___ is an exciting color; women wear ___ shoes and ___ lipstick to attract men.
35. If you're short, everything you want in the supermarket seems to be on the top ___.
36. If you write a ___ of a great man in history, you can be sure that yours won't be the only ___.


1. If you give me a ___, I'll check to see if that book is in our library or is checked out.
2. You can't judge a book by its ___ any more than you can judge a person by his color.
4. Popular ___ shops in many cities are run by Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
5. A. Do you have a favorite ___? B. Yes, in fact, I do. My favorite ___ is Mark Twain, who wrote 'Huckleberry Finn.'
6. You're lucky if you have a ___ person in your life whom you love and who loves you.
7. Depending on your religion, your ___ book might be the Bible, the Mikra, or the Qur'an.
8. If you don't ___ your foot down often and early, your kids will run all over you.
9. Instead of getting published, many struggling authors simply get ___ slips.
12. People have ___s to do all kinds of strange things. (Especially when it comes to sex!)
13. The young man who executed 30 people on a Virginia campus had felt isolated ___out his short life.
16. If you don't expect good things, the good things that do happen will ___ your expectations.
18. Successful people say that you need to have a specific ___ and a specific deadline to meet that ___.
20. When you fall down, ___ yourself up and get moving again (or you might get run over).
21. A pink ___ means you're fired. A rejection ___ means your manuscript needs rewriting.
23. If you ___ to MAD Magazine, your spouse might give you a new subscription for your birthday.
25. 'Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say' is part of the beautiful Beatles song, '___.' (It's not called 'Tomorrow.')
26. A man with a ___ head of hair is the envy of men who are bald or going bald.
28. A remaindered ___ is sold at a discount in the hope that people will buy it. (And maybe enjoy reading it!)
30. In order to ___ yourself, you must look deep within yourself. (Good luck!)