Story 091a

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3. 'The surgery was a ___, but the patient died' is an old medical joke.
6. People who are sick would love to have a '___' from their pain and suffering.
7. If you start gaining or losing more than one ___ a week, you should see a doctor.
8. Paramedics check victims for ___ signs, such as consciousness, pulse, and breathing.
10. Cakes are delicious, but some of them ___ into tiny pieces when you put a fork into them.
11. If you take a ___ on a ship, make sure you take all your medicine with you.(Especially your seasick medicine.)
13. An ___ donor carries a card in his wallet telling doctors that they can harvest vital organs upon his death.
15. Studies suggest that patients have better results when surgeons perform ___ in the morning rather than the afternoon.
17. Many types of cancer have a nasty habit of ___ing throughout the body.
19. ___ is on ___ Island. ___ is one of five boroughs in New York City. The others are Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
20. There is no such thing as '___' surgery. All surgery involves risk and possibly death.
22. After surgery, many people require physical ___ to get their muscles working properly again.
25. In a ___ world, everyone would be happy, healthy, rich, and beautiful.
27. People bring flowers to cemeteries so they can ___ate the tombstone of a loved one.
28. People who love to exercise a lot say, 'No ___, no gain.' (These people are crazy!)
29. When you visit the doctor, the nurse assistant usually ___s you and measures your height.
31. ___ you get 'cured' from cancer, you must continue to see the doctor to make sure it doesn't come back.
33. Smokers who get emphysema can ___ breathe. It requires great effort to inhale enough air.
34. Heart disease and ___ kill more Americans than all other diseases and accidents combined.
35. People ___d to ignore signs of health problems because they don't want to find out that they are actually sick.
36. The most deadly disease in the whole ___ is malaria. It kills more than a million a year in Africa.
37. Some people who smoke too much can only ___ when they get old. People have to get very close in order to hear them.
38. The ___ of a hospital is cleaned and scrubbed daily so that floors and walls are germ-resistant.


1. If you get terminal cancer, it's only a ___ of time before the disease kills you.
2. In Manhattan, many people live in ___s, which are similar to condominiums and are controlled by the owners.
4. If you have to ___go surgery tomorrow morning, the surgeon will tell you not to drink water or eat anything after midnight.
5. In winter, people love to go ___ing in the mountains.
9. 'This should ___ the bill,' the doctor said as he wrote a prescription. (That is, it should cure the patient.)
10. If you have ___ pain in your stomach, day after day, you should see a doctor.
11. The doctor's office will call you the day before your appointment to ___ that you are coming in.
12. When some people wake up right after surgery, they feel like they are in a ___.
14. ___ Park in Manhattan is popular because of its location, its beauty, its zoo, and its concerts.
16. A doctor might ask you to ___ his finger to see how much strength you have in your hand.
18. ___creatic cancer sometimes spreads to the liver and lungs before it is detected. (The ___creas produces insulin.)
21. Your boyfriend might become your ___; your girlfriend might become your fiancee.
23. Native people never think of their own country or culture as being '___.' To them, OTHER lands and cultures are ___.
24. Sick people ___ to be healthy. Once they're healthy, they ___ to be rich, or happy, or in love.
26. A ___ does most of his work in the hospital's operating room or emergency room.
29. No matter how ___y you are, you cannot buy yourself a body that will be free from disease or illness.
30. The most ___some husband and the most beautiful wife usually produce the best-looking children.
32. Cancer patients who undergo ___therapy lose their hair and their appetites.