Story 094a

 1    2        3        4       
5        6    7              
    11   12    13    14             
             15   16     17     
    18          19          
          20        21      
22    23                    
      24     25             
         27         28      
  29     30        31      32       
               33      34   
        35     36    37         
 38                  39     


4. If you don't feel ___, you should probably see a doctor after a day or two. (Although some people wait weeks.)
5. If you ___ all your friends, none of them can help you celebrate your next birthday. (Unless you have it at the cemetery.)
7. Many people have a favorite ___--a grandma or grandpa, an uncle or aunt, a niece or nephew, or a cousin.
8. Friends are always there to help you ___ through bad times. (True friends, that is.)
9. If you try to do something ___ times and fail, do you quit trying? Or do you keep trying? (Persevere!)
10. The two dirtiest ___s in your home are probably the kitchen ___ and the bathroom ___.
11. Old lady: Thank you ___ much for helping me with the groceries. I am ___ grateful! Grocery clerk: It was my pleasure. ___ long!
14. ___ timing is when your friend brings over a new toy for your dog that just got run over.
15. 'I can ___ hear you. Let me turn my hearing aid on,' said grandma.
18. If you can't ___ to get up on time, how do you expect to keep your job?
21. When someone's phone ___s in the classroom, it disrupts the entire class.
22. 'Grandma, I've been calling you for hours. Thank goodness I ___ got through! Is everything all right?'
25. A married ___ will eventually know each other so well that they can complete each other's sentences.
27. ___ is the short version of 'okay.' (Isn't it fun to know the answer instantly?)
28. If you're ___ing bad or not ___ing right, see the doctor if the ___ing doesn't go away soon.
29. 'It was ___ 7:08 pm when I heard the news that my grandpa had had a stroke.'
31. Older people should live on the ___ floor of a two-Story 0building so they don't have to climb any stairs.
33. '___ up?' '___ happening?' '___ going on?' '___ new?' (___ missing? The apostrophe!)
38. After you say '___' to someone you've just met, you should tell them your name. ('___. My name is Bob.')
40. My grandma ___d me because I wasn't wearing a shirt when I visited her one hot summer day. (Well-bred people wear shirts!)
41. People who return from 'the other side' (death) say they saw nothing but white and felt completely ___ful. (It wasn't scary!)
42. My father says he's ___ taken care of all the arrangements for his funeral. (He says he will also write his eulogy!)


1. We gave a ___ party for my grandma when she was 100. (It was a ___ because she didn't know it was her birthday.)
2. People who live a long time often credit their long lives to ___ living--no booze, no cigarettes.
3. I have a ___ time trying to convince my grandma that I am her grandson. (She has Alzheimer's, a ___ disease.)
4. If you brush and floss ___ly, your teeth and gums should be strong and healthy even when you're 90.
6. My grandmother hardly ___ goes out anymore since grandpa died.
12. ___ is the long version of 'OK.' (So easy!) Is everything ___?
13. Don't hide your ___ key to the front door under your doormat--that's the first place that burglars look.
16. At first, ___ing machines used tape. Then they became digital. Now, they're becoming obsolete.
17. Most people would prefer to die while they are ___ in bed at home, preferably asleep. (Good luck with that!)
19. People stop listening to--or hanging around with--someone who ___s about every little thing.
20. After a violent auto accident, some victims might look okay, but often they are in ___.
23. Scrooge McDuck was a cartoon character. He was a wealthy uncle who had three young ___s, but no nieces.
24. I had ___ fallen asleep when the phone rang. That was bad timing. (Worse, it was a telemarketer!)
26. It's nice to have a ___-door neighbor who is friendly and helpful. (And who is a good cook!)
30. The city or county ___ examines dead bodies to figure out the cause of death if it wasn't natural.
32. When grandma or grandpa starts to go deaf, you have to say everything ___ (or thrice!).
34. Grandpa didn't ___ right on the phone, so I drove over to see if everything was okay.
35. The look on his ___ told me that he didn't understand what I was saying.
36. 'Oh, my ___! I left my wallet in the dressing room where I was trying on clothes.'
37. My father ___ starts every day with cereal, milk, and a banana, just like he's been doing for the last 50 years.
39. Sooner or later, many of your older relatives are going to be ___. (Then YOU will be one of the 'older relatives'!)