Story 097a

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9          10       11    12       
    13   14                 
16          17              
  18    19       20          21     
 22         23       24     25      
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  36       37   38              
          39    40          
 42             43          


1. --Hi. Can I talk to Bob? --Oh, I'm sorry. He's not here. He ___ left.
4. --___ go to the beach and collect seashells. --No, it's too hot. ___ go shopping instead!
6. --I feel like going to the beach. ___ about you? --That's a great idea. Let's go!
9. There was a big rock slide on this road last week. You can only go so far before you have to ___ around.
12. When people go to the sea___, they relax. They watch the waves, sleep, read a book, go swimming, and look for seashells.
13. In southern California, even though it's hot inland, it might be cool and windy on the ___ in Santa Monica. (It might be too cold to swim.)
15. An all-___ vehicle is like a motorcyle, but it has four wheels (and doesn't go 140 mph).
16. ___ bags are filling our landfills and killing many animals in the ocean. (Recycle your ___ bags!)
17. If you go to the beach on a hot, sunny day, you'll spend time ___ing for a parking spot. (You might defiantly park in an empty alley.)
18. The corner grocery store has only 10% of what you can find at a big ___market.
20. California has only ___ beaches. The beaches belong to the people, not to private landowners.
22. ___ Monica and ___ Barbara are two very popular beach towns in southern California.
23. If you don't pay attention to traffic ___s, you might get lost, get into an accident, or get a ticket. (Some drivers defiantly ignore ___.)
24. There are 16 ___s in a pound, and 2,000 pounds in a ton.
27. 'Get off my front lawn,' said the homeowner. 'Try and ___ me,' said the gang-banger defiantly.
28. It sure is a lot easier to put on ___ than it is to remove it! ('Overweight' is a kinder word than '___.')
30. Many people ___ for the beach or the mountains on the weekend in the summertime.
32. If you haven't been to the beach ___ly, you should wear sunblock when you eventually go.
34. You can't always rely on what a ___ at the department store tells you. (A ___ doesn't get paid enough to know everything.)
36. On a hot summer day, temperatures in different states can ___ by as much as 30 degrees. (Hot, hotter, and hottest!)
37. If you've never heard the ___ of a tornado as it approaches you, you're very lucky!
39. Ross 'Dress for Less' is a very popular discount ___ store in the US. (They sell shoes, too.)
41. --I'm sorry. I didn't know you wanted any of the melon. I ate the ___ thing. --Gee, thanks a ___ lot.
42. The seashore is known for its breeze, birds, waves, salt, and ___. (___ used to be rock.)
43. The bird landed on the edge of the fisherman's bait bucket, grabbed a fish, and ___ away.


2. If you ride on a small boat in the ocean, the ocean ___ will dampen your clothes.
3. ___ Beach is a popular southern California beach, just west of Malibu. The water is almost always chilly. (Rhymes with the name of a big cat.)
5. People always are eager to offer ___ions for improving things, but not so eager to actually do the work. (Does your office have a ___ box?)
7. On a hot and sunny ___, the roads are crowded with cars going to or coming from the beach.
8. At the beach, clerks have to be careful that they don't sell alcohol to teens using ___ ID cards. (The store could lose its liquor license.)
9. If you are on someone else's property without their permission, you are ___ing. ('___ers will be shot' used to be a common sign.)
10. I have two cold sodas here--a root beer and a grape. ___ one do you want?
11. A ___ is a person who has no class and no manners; if he has friends, they are probably ___s, too.
14. There was some ___ment at the beach when the lifeguard dove into the water to save someone who was drowning.
18. ___shells and ___ birds are very common at the ___shore.
19. Sara undressed in the dark because she didn't want to see how much weight she had ___ on during the holidays.
20. In the summer, homeowners like to cool off in their ___ swimming pool in the back yard.
21. --Do you know how to get to Zuma Beach? --___, I wish I could help you, but I just moved here a week ago.
22. Couples who go to the beach together usually ___ a blanket to lie on.
25. If a bully is kicking sand in your face at the beach, make a ___ to the lifeguard.
26. Recently, a speeding beach ___ vehicle accidentally ran over a woman sunbathing on the beach.
29. When the tsunami approached the beach in Indonesia, everyone tried to ___ out of there immediately.
30. When people think of Los Angeles, they think of earthquakes, ___wood, and Malibu.
31. An ___ is a popular four-wheel, open-air vehicle for use at the beach, in the desert, and in the woods.
33. If a lifeguard is performing CPR on someone, a crowd of onlookers will gather around in a ___ to watch.
35. The ___s at the beaches are usually much smaller on weekdays than on weekends.
38. People think that they cannot get sunburned while lying beneath an ___cast sky. (They're wrong!)
40. A hot, sunny day causes some people to take a day ___ from work so they can go to the beach.