Story 098a

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1. Before you buy anything, make sure you can return it or ex___ it if you're not satisfied with it.
5. Don't dare pour any ___itive into your car just because you saw it advertised on TV. (Check with your mechanic first.)
8. 'I've got ___thing, but I can't find anything,' Bob muttered to himself as he looked everywhere for the receipt.
10. A. I want to return this item. B. Where's your receipt? A. I think it's at home. B. You ___ have brought it with you.
13. '___ me help you with those,' Bob said to the old lady who was trying to carry 3 heavy bags at once.
14. A. I paid $60 for this CD player. B. $60?! ___ly, you didn't check for sales before you bought it. I paid $30 for the same player.
15. Many US corporations have their corporate ___quarters in New York City.
16. He was very ___ed when he found out that his zipper was open.
19. I was ___way home before I turned around because I had forgotten to pick up some bananas.
20. The ___ is the most important part of your purchase. Without it, you cannot return anything.
22. In a busy store with only one or two clerks, you can't wait around forever for help. You have to ___ it, even if that seems rude.
23. Sometimes the checkout line stops moving because the ___er for the cash register runs out of paper.
24. People should recycle their plastic ___s instead of filling up landfills with them.
27. The price of ___ produce seems to increase every year. (But so does the price of canned and frozen produce!)
28. The official ___ motto is, 'The customer is always right.' (The unofficial motto is, 'Let them eat cake!')
32. If you ___ to bring your receipt back to the store, they won't let you return the item.
34. The customer who was robbed was asked to ___ the criminal to the police artist.
36. I can ___ you, sir, that it isn't corporate policy to allow such rude behavior by any of our employees.
37. ___lifters steal anything they can stuff into into their pants or hide under their jacket.
38. A ___-off is a bad deal; if you paid $1 for a #2 wooden pencil, you got ___ped off.
41. Many people cannot ___ the traffic and crowds that are a part of shopping.
43. A customer service ___ive is not paid enough to listen to some customers' pathetic complaints day after day.
44. As you push your ___ around the grocery store, you fill it higher and higher.


1. The ___ demanded an apology from the manager for allowing employees to sell expired containers of food.
2. If you bought this item more than a month ___, you can't return or exchange it.
3. A good ___ doesn't mean just a good price; the item has to be a quality item, too.
4. It's sad but true: the ___ mind can be brilliant. ___s figure out how to steal everything!
6. You always want to get your ___ar's worth. (Remember: ___ar rhymes with collar.)
7. Did you remember to send your brother a ___day card on his ___day?
9. ___ally, you see a TV ad that makes you want to go out the next day and buy that product.
11. If you ___ at the bottom of the receipt, you will see that it says 'No refunds after 30 days.'
12. Mail-in rebates make people ___ because of all the rules they have to follow and all the time that it takes to get their rebate back.
17. In the grocery store, the prices for similar products can be so confusing that people shake their heads and ___ to themselves.
18. Some people ___ have 'buyer's remorse' after they buy something really expensive. (Why did I buy this?!)
21. The fewer ___ees you have, the fewer benefits you have to provide for them.
25. As the price of ___oline rises, so does the price of everything that is transported by vehicles.
26. The clerk was ___ aback when the manager yelled at her in front of some customers.
27. If you want to ___ a good deal, you have to comparison shop in the newspapers and online.
29. Organic ___ costs almost twice as much as regular ___, but most people are satisfied with the taste of regular fruits and vegetables.
30. Corporations hire customer ___ representatives to handle customers' problems.
31. ___ is everywhere--radios, computers, TVs, fans, etc. Maybe in the future they will make ___ houses!
33. When a store has a big sale, many people ___ up before the doors open.
35. When I was a kid, I loved to open birthday ___s because there was usually a dollar or two in them.
37. The manager ___ly told the employee not to lick his fingers before opening the plastic bags. (That's disgusting!)
39. Many containers and ___ages for food and other items are made of plastic.
40. Some people ___ their shopping cart out the store and all the way home.
42. Occasionally you will find that your favorite brand of ___ for your printer is sold out.