Story 099a

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2. You would be ___, too, if you found out that your wife was cheating on you.
4. Should you get a ___ now, or should you stay married until the kids are grown up and THEN get a ___?
6. After you work 30 years for the same company, it usually rewards you with a monthly ___ for your retirement.
7. ___s are folded and glued pieces of paper that contain good news, bad news, or junk mail.
8. A company might offer employees several benefits, including health insurance, vacation time, and ___ leave.
10. The lawyer put his half-full coffee cup on the very ___ of the table to prove a point to the jury.
12. The judge ___d his library so that the law books were within arm's length of his desk.
14. The customer sued the clothing company because the '___' leather jacket was actually 100% synthetic. (The customer was ___ly angry.)
15. The judge liked to watch 'Judge Judy' and 'Law and Order' on TV when he had some ___ time.
18. Your lawyer will ___ you when you are supposed to show up in court.
19. Just because you have a job doesn't mean that you ___ for all credit cards.
20. If you get no help from the customer service representative, ask to speak to his/her ___.
21. The priest ___ed the couple with the sign of the cross and said a prayer for their future life together.
22. People on vacation leisurely ___ the areas of interest in the city they are visiting.


1. ___ is a popular card game played with four people, two to a team. ___ tournaments are also popular.
3. It was an ugly divorce ___ing between the famous old singer and his young, one-legged wife.
4. Couples get ___d when their marriage doesn't turn out to be everything they thought it would be.
5. The divorce proceeding has been going on for months on ___. It might not ___ until next year.
9. If you are ___ with your life and your wife, you are a ___ed man. (Congratulations!)
11. Sara broke up with Bob because he had become ___. ('He used to be exciting!' she said.)
13. Lawyers and judges carry ___s full of papers that are important in court proceedings.
16. The murderer sat silent and im___ as the judge sentenced him to life imprisonment. (The onlookers cheered.)
17. A nasty divorce can affect your job and your ___.