Story 099b

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 14                15       
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42        43     44             
     45           46        


3. A husband and a ___ sometimes end up in a nasty divorce proceeding.
6. ___ that I'm upset, but why didn't you tell me that you had a car accident?
8. Some people play ___ for relaxation; some gamblers play ___ for a living.
9. Some companies allow you to accumulate your ___ leave for years and years. You then can retire earlier.
12. You will feel ___ed if you have a long, happy life surrounded by loved ones.
14. You can use an atlas or go online to find maps that will ___ you through a new city or country.
15. Employees who are ___paid often resent their company. (They don't feel appreciated.)
16. If your ___visor is a jerk, you can't stand the thought of being at work.
18. 'Where has the love ___?' is a question that an unhappy couple asks each other.
19. The only thing worse than a ___ butcher knife is a ___ conversation.
21. She spent her whole ___ looking for Mr. Right.
22. At your retirement party, someone might give a short ___ about what a nice person you are.
25. An un___ed laborer does mostly physical jobs for very low pay.
26. Most people feel more comfort___ at home than out in public.
28. Some people have an easy life; others have a ___ life.
30. The boss ___ his secretary out to lunch on her birthday.
31. When you die, if people say that you were a nice ___, you did well.
35. When women are young, they seek an exciting guy. When they mature, they seek a ___ guy.
40. A divorce ___ing might take a week or it might take months. (It often depends on how rich the husband is!)
41. On their wedding day, a nasty ___ is the furthest thing from the newlyweds' minds.
42. Mike: My ___ beats only for you. Laura: You're such a liar!
44. Liquor is sold in half-gallon bottles, quarts, ___s, and pints. (A man getting divorced might buy one of each.)
45. People ___ a good book, a good movie, and a good marriage.
46. Many homeowners fill their garage with so much junk that they have to park their car in the ___way.


1. '___ night' means only '___-bye,' while '___ morning' means only 'hello.' (What a crazy language!)
2. An ___ is a good book to use to help guide you to destinations in a new city.
3. It's almost impossible to feel lonely ___ you have a true love.
4. Good-bye isn't quite as formal or lengthy as ___well. ___well could mean a very long time.
5. Some corporations, with government approval, have refused to pay the ___s of retired employees.
7. If you're an unskilled ___er, you work hard at a job that has little opportunity for promotions or raises.
10. A '___' is a written argument presented in court; lawyers usually carry their ___s in their ___cases.
11. If you are not ___ly sincere when you say you're sorry, people can tell that you're lying.
12. You won't ___ able to impress a sensible woman if you don't have a good job.
13. An ___ woman gets a good education so that she can support herself without depending on a man.
17. If your husband 'comes out of the ___,' he announces that he is gay. (Why didn't he tell you that BEFORE you married him?!)
18. In court, your ___ or innocence is determined by a jury of your peers.
20. The man sat silent and im___ in his car after he ran into the large tree.
22. Most employers give employees one week of ___ leave a year.
23. If you're about to get up, you might move to the ___ of your chair.
24. Parents get upset at children who don't bother to ___ up their clothes.
27. If you pray to ___ often and sincerely, your prayers might be answered. (But don't count on it!)
29. If you're underpaid and ___worked, you are not a happy employee.
32. After you get ___ about something, make sure you know who to blame.
33. Like poker and blackjack, ___ is a card game that is played worldwide for fun and money.
34. If you're going to the airport to pick up your spouse, you should bring a ___back book with you. (Just in case the flight is late!)
36. Nancy was ___d because Bob said he loved her, but he only called her once a week.
37. When someone retires, his coworkers might sign a ___ and give him a farewell gift.
38. If you have to sell your house when you get divorced, your realtor will ___ you about serious buyers.
39. In the old days, families used to gather around the ___ on Sunday evening and watch 'The Wonderful World of Disney.'
43. An unhappy couple might argue for days on ___ about little things.