Story 300

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34                 35       


2. If you have ___ for someone, you might want to spit on him.
5. The judge gave the convict a ___ence of 20 years in jail.
7. Do you ever have the feeling that you existed in a ___ life?
8. Criminals who wear a pair of good ___ers can run from the cops a little faster.
9. No matter how secure you think your house is, ___s can find a way to break into it.
11. A marathon is 26 ___s 385 yards long. The men's world record is 2:04 and the women's is 2:15.
12. Mountain roads make a lot of ___ turns. (Slow down.)
14. California's prisons are overflowing with ___ed criminals. Most ___s are repeat offenders.
16. Starbucks has helped make ___ latte (coffee and hot milk) popular worldwide. (Even though it isn't cheap.)
17. If someone punches you in your face, you might get a ___ eye. (Or two!)
19. A person who is ___ed is held in high regard. If you dis___ a gangster, he might shoot you.
20. If you have a ___-in with a friend or stranger, you might be angry for days.
23. There is only one sheriff, but one or more ___ sheriffs work for the sheriff.
26. In an ___, you can dial 911. (But it's better not to have an ___!)
27. Some unlucky people who go to prison never get out ___. They become victims of prison violence.
28. The British like to have tea in the ___noon. (Hot ___, not iced ___ like Americans favor.)
32. To ___ someone is to threaten them with words or gestures so that they think you are going to hit them.
33. Be careful ___ you run around with--the wrong crowd could get you in trouble with the law.
34. According to the law, ___ is the harmful touching of another person.
36. California prisons are so overcrowded that they give early releases to all but the most ___ criminals.
37. Burglars are ___ that most homeowners don't keep four or five pit bulls in the house.


1. In the old wild west, the ___ was responsible for keeping law and order. (Nowadays, the ___ has more deputies.)
3. Activists all over the world ___ against governments and corporations for doing evil things.
4. If you get down on your ___s to plead with the judge, he will tell you to stand up. (And shut up.)
6. Lawyers have ___s who may or may not have committed crimes. (They usually claim they didn't.)
8. He ___ the other man so hard with his fist that the man collapsed and died.
9. The California ___ system cannot handle all the criminal and civil cases that come before it. It is overwhelmed.
10. Some people think that they don't have to pay for an ___ that they caused if they didn't do it deliberately. (They're wrong.)
13. In court, the plaintiff sues the ___ant. The ___ant usually pleads not guilty.
15. Smaller than buses, ___s are a popular type of transportation for carrying large groups of people.
18. The more you read, the more you learn about people disobeying the ___. The 'rule of ___' is becoming a joke.
21. That was a ___ of an argument that the lawyer made to the jury. They will all favor his client.
22. A ___ has a problem with telling the truth. (A big ___ has a bigger problem.)
24. If a defendant dis___es the judge in any way, he might get a longer sentence.
25. If you ___ to do what the judge tells you, he might cite you for contempt of court.
26. Actors and actresses hire ___ boys (and girls) to do their shopping and other ___s for them.
29. If someone punches you in your face, you might get a ___ nose and a black eye. (Get a lawyer, too.)
30. --Let's bet $20 on the next race. --Oh, ___ the heck. It's the last race; let's bet it all!
31. Police always carry ___cuffs on them so they can secure a prisoner's ___s behind his back.
35. The soccer player ___-butted the other team's player after the final game of the World Cup. (No lawsuit?)