7. Bad News, Good News

Benjamin was sick. He didn't know how he sick. He was feverish and tired. He had appetite. His stomach hurt more often than not. first he shrugged off the symptoms, figuring he picked up a bug that would go away a week or so. But it didn't. It . After three weeks, he dragged himself to Dr. .

The doctor did a few tests. Then he Benjamin if he had gone camping and drunk stream water. Benjamin said he hadn't been camping he had played soldier in the army.

He if Benjamin had eaten at any fast food in the past month, or eaten from one the many lunch trucks in the Los Angeles . Benjamin said that he ate fast food or truck food every day at noon.

“That’s probably source of your illness. You have hepatitis A, you most likely got it from a food who didn't wash his hands thoroughly after using bathroom. It happens a lot.” “Holy cow! I'm going to die, am I?”

The doctor told not to worry. A viral infection that attacks liver, hepatitis A kills only about 100 people in the US. He told Benjamin to see every two weeks, and to be prepared to up to three months off from work so he could rest, rest, rest. There is no for hepatitis A. You survive, or you don’t.

there is one good thing about hepatitis A,” . Barkley said. “Once you get it, you’re immune it for the rest of your life.”