11. Register to Vote

Because of alleged widespread voting fraud, Arizona has the first state in the union to require voters show proof of US citizenship. To register—or —to vote, Arizona residents must now show a birth or passport. Reregistration is required whenever a resident addresses. This requirement will cause problems for citizens have lost their birth certificate or who don’t a passport.

“These problems will be settled in ,” said Barney Fife, an election official. “Our priority to prevent noncitizens from voting. Over 3,000 immigrants —illegally—in the last governor’s election. Voting is a vital that belongs to citizens exclusively, not to every , Dick, and Harry that has just immigrated to country.”

Critics of the new law say that will disenfranchise thousands of legitimate voters. Mrs. Thelma agrees. She just moved to Tucson from Phoenix. has to reregister now in order to vote, has no birth certificate or passport.

“I've been all my life,” she says. “I voted for in ’60. But I'm on my third marriage—I hope it’s my last—which means that my last has changed three times. The Biloxi hospital I born in was destroyed by hurricane Camille in . All its records—including my birth certificate—ended up in Gulf. My only copy of my birth certificate lost when my drunken first husband fell asleep the sofa smoking a cigarette. The entire house down. I’ve lived in Arizona for the past years. I’ve never even set foot outside America, now I've got to prove that I'm a of the United States? Damn bureaucrats!”