17. A Mad Adder

A zoo employee was bitten by an African adder, a large poisonous snake. He was trying put the snake into a bag so that could be moved to a new snake house. snake handler was wearing heavy gloves and thick , but the adder sank its fangs into the 's neck. The handler squeezed the snake’s neck tightly, it to withdraw its fangs. He then put snake into the bag and tied the bag.

called the zoo administration to report that he been bitten. When an ambulance arrived at the snake house, neither snake nor man was there. paramedics started walking back toward the old snake . A few moments later, they found the man unconscious on the trail. Curiously, the bag with snake in it was covering the man's head part of his chest.

The paramedics handed the to another zoo employee, who delivered the snake its new home. They then delivered the handler the city hospital. A hospital spokesman said that man was in good condition. He said that bites can cause a lot of tissue damage the immediate area of the bite if not properly and quickly, but it looked like this would recover completely.

The zoo director said that particular adder had a nasty reputation. This was third time in six years that it had to bite someone. Fortunately, the previous two victims recovered fully. In the future, he smiled, they call the bomb disposal unit to handle the .