19. What’s in the Box?

Perry’s 32nd birthday was today. His wife, Amanda, promised him something special. Perry couldn’t imagine what might be. He already had everything he needed wanted. Whatever she was going to give him, was definitely going to be a surprise. She not asked him whether he wanted anything, and had not dropped any hints suggesting that he hoping for something. In fact, his plan was to watch TV and ignore the event. There certainly nothing interesting or exciting about turning 32.

he got home from work, he changed into shorts and a T-shirt and took their dog Boy for a walk. When he returned, Amanda also gotten home from work. She gave him kiss and told him happy birthday. He thanked and asked what the surprise was. She told that it was on the pillow in the . He went into the bedroom and found a wrapped package with a big blue bow on . He brought it out to the living room.

don’t you try to guess what it is?” suggested.

“Okay,” Perry replied. “It’s not a motorcycle a houseboat. It’s not my Christmas bonus. It’s another pet; I don’t see any air holes the wrapping and I don’t hear any sounds.”

, maybe it’s a turtle,” Amanda smiled.

“Yes, that explain the silence, but turtles still need to ,” Perry remarked. “It’s not a book or a or a CD, is it?”

“No, you’re not close. Remember, it’s something special.”

“Well, you’ve got ,” Perry said, puzzled. Something special in a box was only about one cubic foot. He told that he gave up. She told him to the box. After opening it, all he found a little rubber doll.

“What’s this?” he asked.

’s a boy, silly! I’m pregnant,” Amanda beamed. “And name is going to be Perry, Jr.”