31. Little Hope for Hemp

Hemp is a strong, cane-like plant known throughout world for its durability and versatility. In the , however, the hemp industry and supporters struggle. The government worries that citizens might figure out a to turn durable hemp into illegal marijuana.

As result, the US government discourages the production and of hemp and its products in America. Instead, approves the destruction of millions of trees annually produce newspapers and hundreds of other paper products get thrown away every day. All those paper can be made from hemp.

Hemp was discovered Asia thousands of years ago. It is cultivated . Hemp can grow quickly to heights of 15 or more in many different climates and soils. needs little care or protection to achieve its growth.

Hemp matures in one growing season. It’s in many products, from paper to beauty products clothing. Like bamboo, it is used in the industry. Hemp is even good for you. Its produce a nutritious flour or oil.

Supporters of production and products struggle to overcome the US belief that the use of hemp might lead the use of marijuana. Marijuana, says the US , is the gateway drug to more dangerous drugs cocaine.

Meanwhile, the US government does little to the thousands of deaths, injuries, and illnesses caused by tobacco and alcohol—two of the most addictive, , popular (and profitable)—drugs in the world.