32. The Ant and the Elephant

Let’s say that you could combine, into one brain, 100 of the best minds in the of mankind. Would that super-intelligent brain be able fully appreciate all the wonders of the universe? not. The universe is simply too big, too , too fantastic for humans. Imagine an ant crawling over an elephant. That ant has little or idea of what that elephant is all about. do we humans grasp the magnitude of the of our universe.

For example, many of us take the sun for granted; sometimes we even about it! How many of us marvel at , wondering about its seemingly infinite power and energy? the sun is but one of uncountable billions stars in the universe. It isn’t even a star; there are billions just like it. And more that are unlike it, in thousands of , fascinating ways!

How many stars are out there? of your favorite beach. How many grains of are on that beach? Now think of all grains of sand on all the beaches on . Yes, the sky has more stars than the has these grains of sand.

But many of are too busy with our “ant” lives to or appreciate the elephant.