40. Perfect Weather

It was a perfect day in Los Angeles. Shakespeare might not have words for a day this. You had to “be there” to appreciate . The sun was shining, and soft white clouds parked in the deep blue sky. The temperature perfect for shorts. Not chilly, not hot. A occasionally stirred the leaves.

Most days in LA hot. December and January are usually rainy and, some reason, June is usually cool and overcast. many locals find June weather to be refreshingly , the local TV weather people complain daily. “When the ‘June gloom’ going to end?” they ask.

, of course, the gray June sky changes to blue sky with very high temperatures. For the five months, the local TV weather people complain how hot it is, and get excited when temperature drops five degrees.

Winter in LA means . Rain excites the local TV weather people. They to remind viewers to remember their umbrellas, watch for traffic, and drive extra carefully! They get say “storm warning!” More than half the time, storm follows the storm warning.

When a big hits LA, the local TV weather people show -ups of big puddles in the streets, close-ups of wipers wiping away raindrops, and close-ups of wet waiting at bus stops. Sometimes they show close-ups TV reporters standing ankle-deep in raging streams.

For reason, the local TV weather people never have to say about a perfect day like today.