48. Problems at Home

Emily sat down on the sofa. She took her shoes. She put her feet on the table. She leaned back. She picked up the and turned on the TV. It was 6 'clock. The news was on three channels. She didn't to see the news. The news depressed her. was usually about accidents and murders. There was much bad news on the TV news.

She a talk show to watch. It was Ellen. liked Ellen. Ellen was a comedian. She told jokes. She showed animals doing funny things. She expensive gifts to her fans occasionally. This show a rerun, because Ellen's "live" show was usually at 4 o'clock. But that didn't matter to .

All she wanted to do was relax. Her was one problem after another. Her husband had lost his job. Her only child had dropped of high school. Even worse, he had left . He told Emily he would call from time time. But he hadn't called in two weeks.

was worried sick. She didn't know where he . She didn't know if he was dead or . Her husband said she shouldn't worry. He had the same thing when he was 17. But he found out that life on the road 't as easy as he thought it was, he home and got his high school diploma.