50. Time to Shop

It was time to go to the market. had no bananas, no apples, and no milk. got into his car and drove to the . It was only five minutes away. The parking was almost empty. Good, he thought. He wouldn't to stand in a long line.

He parked car and walked over to the shopping cart . He pulled out one of the carts and it ahead of him into the store. Inside, grabbed an alcohol wipe and wiped the handle the cart. Then he grabbed another wipe and his own hands. You can never be too , he thought.

He turned left and walked over the produce section. Today was his lucky day. were on sale, a dollar a pound. Usually were two dollars a pound or more. He 10 apples into a plastic bag and weighed bag. It was three pounds. He walked over the bananas. They were the regular price, 79 a pound. He bought three pounds of bananas.

he saw the carrots, he remembered that he carrots, too. He put a two-pound bag of into his cart. They were only $1.29. He to the dairy section and saw that a of milk was $4. He put a gallon his cart and walked back to the front the store.

He paid for his food, got receipt, and walked out to his car. He the food into his trunk and drove home.