114. Because God Says So

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The Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania is being sued by a group of parents after it added "intelligent design" to the curriculum presented to high school biology students. Intelligent design, the parents argue, is false science. It is simply a clever phrase for creationism. Creationism is based on the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It is the belief that, in six days, God created the universe and all its creatures, including Adam and Eve, the first humans.

School district officials believe that evolution is merely a theory, and a flawed one at that. They argue that, if students taking biology must learn about evolution, these students must also learn about intelligent design.

"There are two sides to every story," said Daryl Scopes, a district official. "Darwin's theory of evolution is just that, a theory. Not one scientist has ever proved that it is valid. The whole idea is absurd. Darwin wants us to believe that all Earth's animals, from ants to elephants, have one common ancestor, the sponge! How ridiculous is that? We decided that our students must be aware of the true facts, as described in Genesis. God created the first man, Adam, in His own image. From one of Adam's ribs, God then created Eve. God put Adam and Eve in charge of the Earth and all its creatures. Adam and Eve were perfect humans. But then they listened to the evil serpent and ate the forbidden fruit, and life for them, and us, their children, has been far from perfect ever since. That's a beautiful story and, more important, a completely true story."

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