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2. A cat might___ you if you pull its tail.
5. Don't make a ___ if they overcharge you. Just be calm.
8. Use hair ___pers to cut your hair.
11. You can catch an ___ disease from somebody who coughs or sneezes near you.
12. Do you want to sit in the front seat or the ___ seat?
15. Will planes ___ if the air traffic controller falls asleep?
16. ___s happen all the time when people are in a hurry or aren't paying attention.
17. City ___s are often the first respondents to a serious car accident.


1. These charges on my phone bill are ___. They're ridiculous!
3. The countries ___ the USA are Mexico and Canada.
4. "___ your dog" means to make it poo and pee in the street, not on the sidewalks, lawns, or flowerbeds.
6. Her parents and friends ___d her when she graduated from college.
7. Be brave and face the enemy ___. Don't try to hide or run.
9. He is very rude. ___, his parents didn't teach him good manners.
10. Many barber shops have a red and white barber ___ outside.
13. People sometimes become a ___ of their own greed.
14. The dead accident victims weren't ___ped into their seat belts.