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1. The plates and glasses are on the table, but where is the ___? How can we eat without forks and spoons?
3. The dumpsters are in the ___ behind the row of houses.
4. That is a beautiful circular ___ that leads to the second floor.
6. Do you go to the ___ to work out? I wish there was a gym near me.
7. The doctor's office is on the fifth floor. He's in ___ 5A.
8. Close the ___ door. All the food inside it is going to get warm.
11. He ___d that he had been a secret agent for 20 years. Not even his wife knew that.
12. Take the meat out of the ___ and let it thaw in the refrigerator.
14. That car and that house are my ___. They belong to me.
15. Does a ___ ball weigh 16 pounds and have 3 holes in it?
16. Were there any ___s from the plane crash, or did everyone die?
18. A tractor ___ is a big rig that transports goods on highways.
19. MegaMillions and PowerBall are ___ games. You can win millions if you buy the lucky ticket.
20. Does he sit in a rocking chair on the front ___ of his house?


2. There is an ___ number of bacteria in your body--billions and billions!
3. He ___d thousands of pennies one at a time. He put them into big plastic jars in his house.
5. Don't ___ that you didn't hear me. You were looking at me while I was talking.
9. Take the ___ to the 14th floor if you want to visit her.
10. A ___ piano is much bigger than an upright piano.
13. A ___ is a professional who will help you buy, sell, rent, or lease property.
15. Let's go outside on the ___ and look down at the street 10 floors below.
16. I am the ___ owner of this property. Nobody else shares ownership with me.
17. Does a ___ have 88 keys? Are they black and white?