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1. I have a good ___. He fixes my car whenever there's a problem.
5. Hang your clothes on the clothes ___. Don't leave them on the floor.
8. The store ___ helped me find the toothpaste I was looking for. I paid her for it.
9. Are you old enough to ___ the good old days?
10. Do you ever ___ how you'll die? Will you die in your sleep, or in an accident?
12. ___ the sheet of paper in half, and then staple one corner.
13. ___ a fork into a cake in the oven. Then pull it out. If it comes out clean, then the cake is ready.


2. Do you get ___ before or during a job interview? Just prepare well and relax.
3. Is the ___ always right? Sometimes store managers think ___s are wrong.
4. She almost always eats at home. She ___ eats out.
6. Why are dogs so ___ and cats so un___? Dogs love us, and cats tolerate us.
7. We gave the ___ our order. She brought us our salad first.
11. Here's a fashion ___: Don't wear checks, plaids, and stripes together. Also, make sure your socks match.