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1. If you're a ___ of a city, you take pride in your city.
3. People walk on the ___, while cars travel on the street.
6. ___s have no respect for the law or for decent people.
8. He looked in the ___ and saw a big pimple on his nose. Yuck!
10. Can you ___ how you feel when you're in love? Let me hear your description.
12. The ___ stole the woman's purse. It was hanging on the back of her chair.
13. The police officer ___ed the man for scalping tickets at the ball field.
14. I always put a car ___ on my car to protect it from sun and rain.


1. She opened the back door of the car and got into the ___ seat.
2. Use your compass to find out which ___ is north.
4. The ___ on my suitcase broke. How can I carry it now?
5. I'll meet you at the ___ of Park Avenue and 53rd Street.
7. The ___ told the jury to ignore what the lawyer had just said.
9. Do you ___ that your family loves you? You should know that they will always help you.
11. A thief will ___ anything he can get his hands on if nobody's looking.