15. Negotiating the Price (1)

A: It's a nice apartment.

B: I knew you would like it. Who wouldn't?

A: There is only one issue.

B: What is it? Is it the next door neighbor?

A: No, he's great. I was talking about the price.

B: What about the price? It's a fair price, if I do say so myself.

A: I think it's a little too high for me. Is there anything you can do for me?

B: I'm not sure if I can.

A: Listen, I would be the perfect tenant.

B: And how is that?

A: Well, I always make my payments on time. You can check my credit score.

B: Alright, that's good to hear.

A: I sleep early, and am very respectable. I also have no pets.

B: I think I've heard enough. You sound like a good tenant. I'm going to reduce the monthly rent by $100.