22. Checking the Apartment for Damage (1)

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A: Can I check the apartment for any damages?

B: Absolutely, let me accompany you.

A: Did the previous tenant maintain the apartment well?

B: For the most part, yes. A few repairs had to be made.

A: What kind of repairs?

B: Mostly plumbing repairs, but the exterior of the apartment is immaculate.

A: Whoa, you weren't kidding. This apartment is in mint condition.

B: I wouldn't worry too much about the plumbing.

A: It's all in working condition?

B: Yes, I guarantee that is. I hired the best plumber in town to fix the minor problems it had.

A: That's good to hear. I think I've finished checking the apartment.

B: Don't hesitate to notify me of any concerns that may arise.