19. Checking Smoke Detectors

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A: Have you checked your smoke detectors recently?

B: No, I wasn't even aware we had smoke detectors.

A: All the apartments are equipped with them. It's an essential safety feature.

B: How do you check if they're working?

A: It's real easy. If you like, I could show you.

B: That would be nice of you.

A: Are you doing anything right now?

B: No. It's my day off work.

A: How about I come over and show you how to check them?

B: Sounds good. Come inside.

A: It's really easy to check them. Just grab one from the wall, and check the battery in the back.

B: What does this light mean?

A: If you see the light, that means it's functioning.

B: So I don't need to replace the battery. Thank you so much.