10. Complaining about a Late bus (2)

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A: How long have we've been waiting for this bus?

B: Almost one hour. I think it's late.

A: It is late! What is taking this bus driver so long to get here?

B: Probably traffic. You know how traffic could be on the weekends.

A: That is not a good excuse. Bus drivers should know how to maneuver past traffic.

B: That's easy for you to say.

A: I just want the bus to arrive already. I want to go home.

B: It's bound to arrive any minute now.

A: I hope you're right. My patience has all extinguished.

B: Wait. I think I see it coming in the distance!

A: Thank goodness! I couldn't possibly wait another minute.

B: False alarm. It was just a truck. Sorry about that.