22. Talking on the Bus (1)

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A: I'm going to be so late. This bus driver is driving so slowly.

B: Where are you in a hurry to?

A: I have doctor's appointment. I hope I make it on time.

B: I'm sure you will. Where's your clinic?

A: It's in Long Beach.

B: I'd say we're about twenty minutes away from there.

A: I sure hope you're right about that. Where are you heading to?

B: I'm going to visit my grandma.

A: Where does she live?

B: She's also in Long Beach.

A: What a coincidence! Do you often ride this bus to visit her?

B: I have for the past two years. I visit her every Sunday.

A: That's so sweet of you. You must love her very much.

B: I do. Why are you going to the doctor's?

A: To get my routine check-up. Nothing serious.

B: It's so nice to meet friendly people on the bus.