32. Where to Change the Bus (1)

A: You seem a little lost. Can I be of some assistance?

B: That would be nice of you. I just have one question.

A: You can ask as many as you want.

B: I just need to know where to change buses.

A: Well, where are you going? I need to know that.

B: I'm going to Beverly Hills.

A: In that case, you need to change buses in a few minutes.

B: What bus do I need to change to?

A: You're going to get off this one and get on Line 720.

B: That bus takes me to Beverly Hills?

A: Yes, right in the center of it.

B: Where do I change into the 720 bus?

A: You're going to change on Whittier Avenue.

B: Thank you, sir. You have been so helpful.