1. Deciding to buy a Car

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A: I have finally saved up enough to buy my first car.

B: That's great, dear. Do you have a car in mind?

A: I want a Honda Civic. I like to drive stick.

B: Have you been looking around?

A: Yes, I checked online. I have also been to some dealers.

B: You have to be careful when you go to dealers.

A: I know. They will try to take advantage of people.

B: Yes, you should take somebody that knows about cars.

A: Yeah, I'm going to take Joseph. He knows everything about cars.

B: Good idea. How much are you planning to spend?

A: I have $20,000.

B: Wow. Are you going to pay for the car? Or will you be making payments?

A: I was thinking about making payments. I don't want to get stuck without cash.

B: That sounds like a good idea.