9. Taking It to the Mechanic

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A: I checked the whole car, and it has some problems.

B: What kind of problems does it have?

A: The brakes need to be replaced, as well as the power steering.

B: Is that all? That seems like an easy fix.

A: That's not all. The alternator seems to be malfunctioning.

B: How much would it cost me to fix it all?

A: It'll cost around $300 to $400.

B: That's not too bad. Is there anything else?

A: From what I can tell, no. I would recommend buying it.

B: Let me call the seller, and I will let you know if you can start.

A: Great. I can start right away, if he gives you the thumbs up.

B: He said that it's fine. I will be back for the car when you're done.