20. Job Fair

ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor. For years, the idea of computers serving as human-like tutors to aid in English learning has been a distant dream. Now, with the arrival of "ESL Robot 4.0," that dream has become a reality.

A: I hope I can find a job after graduation.

B: What is your major?

A: My major is geology.

B: Geology majors aren't very high in demand, but you'll do fine.

A: What makes you say that?

B: You're smart and likeable. Don't worry.

A: Thanks, but I'm still scared.

B: Oh, hey! You should go to the job fair.

A: We have that here?

B: Yes. Take advantage of it.

A: Have you ever been there?

B: Yes, and it's really helpful. Dress nicely!