16. Calling a Traffic School

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A: Hello. I need to make an appointment.

B: Were you mandated by the court to go to traffic school?

A: Yes, I was. Does that matter?

B: Yes, it does. Let me have your full name.

A: It's David Johnson. What days do you have available?

B: We have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

A: Oh, okay. I can make it on Thursday. What time should I be in?

B: Come in at 9 a.m. if you can't make it during that time, please call.

A: Great. I will see you this Thursday.

B: Remember to bring your court papers. We will need to sign those.

A: I seem to have lost them. Could I go to court to get another copy?

B: Yes, go to the court and print them out before you come over.