19. Time for Bed

ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor. For years, the idea of computers serving as human-like tutors to aid in English learning has been a distant dream. Now, with the arrival of "ESL Robot 4.0," that dream has become a reality.

A: Hello, is this the Smith residence?

A: Children, it's time to go to bed!

B: But we're not sleepy yet!

A: If you get into bed right now, I'll read you a fairytale.

B: One with a princess and a prince?

A: Of course, and a magical dragon, too.

B: Why do we hear fairytales before bed?

A: So that the magic from stories can grow while you're sleeping.

B: What does it grow into?

A: Why, magical dreams, of course!

B: Please read us two tonight!

A: Alright, but only if you sleep as soon as I'm done!

B: We will. It's a promise!