24. How to Stay Healthy

ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor. For years, the idea of computers serving as human-like tutors to aid in English learning has been a distant dream. Now, with the arrival of "ESL Robot 4.0," that dream has become a reality.

A: Do you have any tips on how to stay healthy?

B: How do you think I got to look this good at my age?

A: Let me guess, you drink a lot of water?

B: I drink at least eight glasses a day.

A: I bet you exercise every day, too.

B: I try, at the very least, to walk 20 minutes a day.

A: I didn't think walking was good exercise.

B: Walking briskly is great exercise.

A: What about eating habits?

B: Try to eat as much non-processed stuff as possible.

A: What do you mean non-processed?

B: If it's in a can, a bag, or a box it's probably processed.