9. Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (2)

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A: There're a few problems with room 217, and I'd liked to be moved.

B: Maybe it's a problem we can fix without moving you.

A: If you can kill the 8 cockroaches I've seen this morning.

B: Did you say 8 cockroaches? Are you exaggerating just a little?

A: I know how to count and I took pictures and video with my cell phone.

B: We can call an exterminator and send him to your room.

A: Great, and then I'm supposed to breathe in toxins after that?

B: At least you won't have any more roaches.

A: You can't be serious right now. Can I speak to your supervisor?

B: I can transfer your call right now.

A: Can you also transfer my room?

B: I'll check to see if we have any vacant rooms we can move you to.